A Civilian's Experience of War

Thank you for visiting and allowing me to share my experiences in war torn Afghanistan bringing a new perspective to what we have come to know about this country and its people.

With the current events happening in Afghanistan, this information is more relevant to open a new outlook and passion for Afghanistan. A reader of my ongoing blog told me that my stories of experiences in Afghanistan pulled her into a world she never thought much about as she emotionally explained that reading them humanized the war for her. This left me at a loss for words.

I have a passionate mission to share my stories through print and talks since I walked  into the world of war in Afghanistan, from the naivety of living in America as a civilian, who’d never been in the military, let alone a war zone.

It is my hope that this website, my writings, and descriptive presentations will help people better understand the people, circumstances, and reality in Afghanistan.

May it create for you –  the humanization of war.

Author Rich Walton

Early Reviews

“Rich Walton’s in-depth analysis of what really goes on within Afghanistan is mind boggling . . . After all that was said during our withdrawal, Rich’s book tells it as it is. It is a MUST READ.”

“One Brick at a Time depicts what it takes to succeed in life and business."

"If you are up for a wild, first-hand account of what it’s like to conduct business in a frenzied, war-torn setting, make sure you pick up a copy . . ."