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Author Rich Walton

Today’s world creates even greater importance around Rich Walton’s story about how he conducted business in the midst of war-torn Afghanistan and how he won the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.

Since his return from four and a half years of service, Rich has had the unexpected and many times unplanned opportunity to speak about his experiences with the people, places, and the work completed there. He now shares his experiences through talks, podcasts across the country and through his book One Brick at a Time – Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Afghan People.

Rich conveys his passion through storytelling with humor plus the seriousness and concern for Afghanistan and its people, the business, and the politics. Many stories make his audiences laugh while others bring tears.

Listen to a Sampling of Podcasts Rich Has Done This Year

Rich discusses what it is like living and working in a war zone – Afghanistan.

A discussion about the people of Afghanistan and war.

Rich talks with Jack Kammer about life for men and boys in Afghanistan.

Mr. Rich: An Architect’s Journey from the 2008 Recession to Working in Afghanistan.

Podcast host Greg Krino talks with Rich about his experiences in Afghanistan. “You name it, Rich has done it – while getting shot at. Several times.”

Podcast host Travis Hickman chats with Rich about his work as an independent contractor in Afghanistan. Fascinating and informative.

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