About Rich Walton

Rich Walton had his own Architectural Design business for 30 years, winning several awards for his home designs in the Pacific Northwest. Upon accepting work in Afghanistan in 2009, Rich soon gained a passion for winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people in remote areas by helping build schools that made education available to boys and girls. He firmly believes the only way Afghanistan will survive is through education.

Walton worked in Afghanistan for more than four years, traveling all over the country as a construction manager and architectural designer, helping build facilities for both the U.S. and Afghan armies. More importantly, Rich was a key member of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), where he designed and helped construct medical facilities, the Herat University women’s dorm, and a variety of other projects.

Walton is a graduate of the University of Oregon and, along with his wife, Shirley, was co-president of the United States Naval Academy Parents Club of Oregon & Southwest Washington.