What Early Readers Are Saying

“I was mesmerized reading Rich Walton’s book about his intriguing and mind-boggling adventures in Afghanistan. If you are up for a wild, first-hand account of what it’s like to conduct business in a frenzied, war-torn setting, make sure you pick up a copy of One Brick at a Time.”
Greg Jacob
Professor, Author and Fulbright Scholar
“A fascinating account . . . Rich Walton brings you incredible first-hand experiences of amazing true stories of his journeys throughout Afghanistan. One Brick at a Time is a riveting story and a great read.”
Doug Bomarito
JD, USNA 1968, U.S. Navy Vietnam Combat Veteran
"One Brick at a Time depicts what it takes to succeed in life and business. Mr. Rich's adventures provide lessons in networking and just ‘how to get things done.’ This entertaining story of a businessman’s experience in a combat war zone will engage all types of readers"
Troy Kenning
Lt. Colonel, USAF, Afghanistan Veteran
“Rich and I met in front of the Safi hotel in downtown Kabul in 2009. We were fellow Naval Academy parents both working ‘outside the wire’ in Afghanistan. Reading his account took me back to the sights and sounds of living in a country at war but also learning to understand a culture so different from our own. There are roses in Afghanistan but as the Afghan saying goes, ‘there is no rose without the thorn’. I highly recommend reading this to get the rest of the story usually not told.”
Elaine Brye
Military Mom of Four, Teacher at International School of Kabul, Author of "Be Safe, Love Mom"
“In view of current world events and especially with what is currently happening in South Asia, Rich Walton’s experiences in Afghanistan are very interesting and timely. In this book, One Brick at a Time, Rich details the trials and rewards of being an American contractor in a historically tribal nation in a modern world!”
Raymond A. Kutch
USNA 1963, Former Flight Officer VietNam Veteran
“Rich Walton’s in-depth analysis of what really goes on within Afghanistan is mind boggling. While our troops were in Afghanistan, they lived on-base, and except for minor encounters with the Taliban, they were separated from the Afghanis. On the other hand, Rich Walton worked hand-in-hand with the Afghanis the entire time he was in the country. He learned facts about the country of Afghanistan at the worker level. His book describes Afghanistan at the street level. After all that was said during our withdrawal, Rich’s book tells it as it is. It is a MUST READ.”
CAPT Tim Myers
USNA 1964, US Navy (Retired)

“Rich Walton’s in-depth analysis of what really goes on within Afghanistan is mind boggling.”