Pashto Looks Good on Your Face

Pashto Looks Good on Your Face

In my own Home Design business prior to going to Afghanistan, I developed over those 30 years an array of forms and checklists to assist my clients and me through the home design and construction process. Like any business I

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Podcast studio

The New World of Podcasts

From the Frying Pan Into the Fire! You want me to do what? Podcasts! What are those? Just as I was thrown into the war zone and many times stood there with bullets and rockets flying by, shocked like a

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Iguana sits on a shoulder

The Boy and the Iguana

The America Dream – a Mexican Horatio Alger Story Working hard can improve your life Generally, my blog posts pertain to my time spent in Afghanistan or reflections relating to Afghan experiences. This post is a story that has to

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Rich Walton and Camel

Silk Road – A Time Gone By

Looking down from a helicopter over the landscape of Afghanistan, seeing the abandoned ancient ruins, I wondered about this desolate and remote area of the world and suddenly pictured “The Silk Road”.  Because of the Silk Road, Afghanistan was once

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Author Rich Walton

Meet Mr. Rich

I was a deer-in-the-headlights leaving my family and a 25 plus years Architectural Designing business behind heading to war zone Afghanistan to work as a Country Construction Manager, changing my job and life! I traveled to remote areas to help

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Helicopter in Afghanistan

Triggered Memories

The other day I was sitting on my front porch watching the sun set and heard a Black Hawk Helicopter fly overhead. It was a sound I have heard a hundred times before. The familiar wish-wish sound of the whirling

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Shaking Hands

Humanization of War

At times I wonder what the sole purpose and meaning of writing my book and what am I trying to accomplish in writing these blogs. I have racked by brain at times, stared at my computer screen, or looked off

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Christmas in Afghanistan

Holidays and Birthdays in a War Zone

A couple weeks ago celebrating one of my grand-daughters birthdays in Oregon, as she was about to blow out the candles I had a flashback of my deployments in Afghanistan, a quick reminder of all the holidays, birthdays and Anniversaries

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Rich and Sheep

War is Business and Business is Good

WHAT ARE ALL THESE COUNTRIES DOING HERE? When I first arrived at Bagram Military base, in Afghanistan, I was shocked to see all the different countries there. At home in America, I saw news reports of a few countries helping

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